Elizabeth Jeffress Thorsteinson

I joined the Huhman Lab in May of 2010 and earned my Masters in Neuroscience two years later. In 2009, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I developed an interest in Neuroscience during my first year of college and have been in a research lab ever since. My undergraduate thesis work, under the supervision of Dr. Missy Niblock, examined sex differences in the fastigial nucleus upon carbon dioxide exposure, a model for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. My current work in the Huhman lab is investigating the central and peripheral effects of neurotrophic factors in conditioned defeat. I have also previously examined copulatory behavior and startle responses in Syrian hamsters following social defeat. Outside of the lab, I enjoy teaching students K-12 about the Brain in coordination with the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience and the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.

Contact Information
Neuroscience Institute
Georgia State University
Petit Science Center
PO Box 5030
Atlanta, GA 30302-5030

Email: ejeffress1@gsu.edu