Stephanie Ekey

I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. I attended Franklin High School in Reisterstown, MD, and moved to Atlanta during the fall of 2014 to begin my undergraduate education at Georgia State University. I am a Neuroscience major with a pre-med concentration. I hope attend medical school and to work as a practicing Neurologist thereafter. Over the summer of 2014, I worked in a neurovirology lab at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA under the great mentorship of Dr. Prasun Datta. As I learn make decisions concerning my career path, I enjoy delving into various fields of Neuroscience. My broad interests within Neuroscience considerably contributed to my joining the Petrulis lab. Outside of lab, I enjoy writing and hiking.

Contact Information
Neuroscience Institute
Georgia State University
Petit Science Center
PO Box 5030
Atlanta, GA 30302-5030