PSC 803

To reserve Neuroscience’s PSC 803 conference room first verify availability on the room’s calendar. After confirming availability email to make a reservation. Email Monica Barnes with any reservation issues.

Sync the room’s calendar to yours with this ICS link.

Audio/Video System

As you enter, start the system from the control panel near the door. The full room speakers are controlled by the audio slider on the left of the control panel. Turn off the control panel when finished. There are three video inputs at the bottom of the system’s control panel:

Video Inputs

Windows PC power on/off remote
  1. Windows PC mounted behind the TV
    • It is required to use the Windows PC in order to utilize the full room Panacast webcam and Echo cancelling microphone and speakers
    • To connect a USB flash drive plug it in to the USB port located under the TV on the wall plate
    • On Window’s log in screen select “Other user” and enter your campus ID and password
    • If the system doesn’t display the Windows login screen try turning the Windows PC off, waiting 10 seconds, and turning it back on using the wireless remote at the podium. Do not remove it from the room
  1. HDMI connection which is located under the TV on the wall plate
    • HDMI adapters for USB-C, Mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3, and Thunderbolt 2 are located near the TV on the whiteboard
    • The HDMI cable is 10 feet long. Do not remove it from the room
  2. Apple TV mounted behind the TV
    • On MacBooks newer than 2011 open System Preferences > Displays. At the bottom of the window select Conference Room from the list of AirPlay Displays. Enter the security code that appears on the TV in order to connect.
    • (Optional) Configure the AirPlay Display to be either extended or mirrored
    • The Apple TV has no Internet connection and is only used for AirPlay Display
    • The Apple TV remote is located at the podium. It can be charged via the hanging Lightning cable under the TV. Do not remove it from the room


  • The Windows PC input shows ‘no display’. If the system doesn’t display the Windows login screen try turning the Windows PC off, waiting 10 seconds, and turning it back on using the wireless remote at the podium.
  • The TV is turned off. First, ensure the control panel is turned on. If the TV remains off try turning it on using the LG remote located at the podium. Please do not turn the TV off using the LG remote–instead turn the system off via the control panel.
  • Can I record my meeting? If you’d like to record your meeting, start a personal meeting in your video conferencing app and start the recording. If you are presenting slides that you want recorded, be sure to share your screen as if you were in a virtual meeting. Afterwards, be sure to upload the recording somewhere permanently like GSU Dropbox or OneDrive.
  • Can I record my meeting using my laptop? Yes, you could utilize the method mentioned in the previous question using a laptop but I would recommend using the Windows PC. The full room webcam and microphone help immensely.
  • Can I use the full room webcam and microphone with my laptop? No.
  • My meeting can’t see or hear me. Make sure WebEx or whichever video conferencing app you’re using is utilizing the “Panacast” webcam and “Echo cancelling” microphone and speaker–these should be the default selections
  • The Windows PC keyboard and mouse are not working. Verify both are switched “on” they have physical on/off switches. Batteries are located in PSC 891 if needed.
  • How do I connect a flash drive to the Windows PC? Use the USB flash drive port located under the TV on the wall plate.
  • Can I borrow a slide advancer? See the front desk at PSC 880.
  • My laser pointer doesn’t show up on the TV. Please do not touch the TV. Instead use a pointer stick or ask to borrow the Logitech Spotlight device from PSC 880.
  • My MacBook doesn’t see the Conference Room as an available AirPlay Display. Confirm you are on input #3 for the Creston system. Make sure your MacBook is at least 2012+. Verify that your MacBook’s wireless and Bluetooth are turned on.
  • Can I use a Windows laptop with AirPlay Display? No.
  • Can I install XYZ app to the Windows PC? If the app you need is located in Window’s app Software Center (search Start menu), yes. Most relevant software should be already installed so be sure to search the Start menu. Otherwise contact Ryan Sleeth
  • GSU wireless is slow. Generally, this has not been an issue since the wireless network was upgraded in 2020-2021. However, there is an Ethernet cable in the center of the room if you need a wired connection.