Huhman Lab People

Members of the Huhman Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience have made important discoveries, published high-impact papers, and enjoyed success in their careers.

Current Lab Members

Kim L. Huhman, Principal Investigator

Alisa Norvelle, Lab Manager

Huhman Lab Alumni

Former Graduate Students

Aaron Jasnow, PhD – Postdocs at Rockefeller (Pfaff) and Emory University (Ressler, Rainnie); Currently Assistant Professor, Kent State University

Alicia Faruzzi Brantley, PhD – Postdoc at University of Alabama, Birmingham (Sweatt); Currently Head, Animal Behavior Core, Scripps Institute

Stacie Lin Taylor, PhD – Currently enjoying time being a mom to her son and daughter!

Matia Banks Solomon, PhD – Postdoc at University of Cincinnati (Herman); Currently Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Stephen LaRocca, MS – Currently in Veterinary School, University of Georgia

Former Postdoctoral Associates

Charles F. “Rickey” Gillespie – Currently Assistant Professor, Emory University

Matthew Cooper – Currently Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Chris Markham – Currently Assistant Professor, Morehouse College

Undergraduate Students

  • Ashley Holley – Spelman College; MBRS-RISE program
  • Natasha Turner – Spelman College; MBRS-RISE program
  • Mark McDonald – Georgia State University; Currently in medical school
  • Danyella Greene – Spelman College (NIMH-COR program)
  • Corinne Bicknese – University of Georgia

High School Students through the ION program

  • Rejashree Roi – Chamblee High School; Duke University
  • Simone Carey – Woodward Academy; University of South Carolina
  • Emma Goldman – Atlanta Girl’s School