Digi AnywhereUSB

Connect to USBs over the network, just like if they were plugged into your computer.

To check out ANY-maze licensing USB dongles create an account on Neuroscience’s Animal Suites website https://animal-suites.ni.gsu.edu then log in and reserve “ANY-maze #1 licensing USB dongle via AnywhereUSB Manager” or “ANY-maze #2 licensing USB dongle via AnywhereUSB Manager”.

How to connect

  1. Search Start Menu for AnywhereUSB Manager to confirm if it is already installed. If it is already installed skip to step 4

If NOT installed

  1. Download and install https://hub.digi.com/dp/path=/support/asset/anywhereusb-manager-for-64-bit-windows-manager/. Note! This will require admin rights so coordinate with Ryan Sleeth rsleeth@gsu.edu
  2. During installation on the “Mode to Run” screen select Run as Standalone
Run as Standalone selected on the Mode to Run screen

  1. Launch AnywhereUSB Manager from Start Menu
  1. The first time you launch AnywhereUSB Manager on a computer you will get the prompt “Enter a unique Client ID”. Enter your computer name plus your campus ID (Search Start Menu for “About your PC” to find your computer name). For example, you might enter “NI-EXAMPLE-P800 rsleeth” for the computer name of NI-EXAMPLE-P800 and campus ID rsleeth
Computer name + campus ID entered on the Client ID screen
  1. Click File > Preferences and uncheck “Autofind Hubs”. Click Save
  2. Click Configure > Known Hubs > Add > enter as the Hub Address then click OK
Autofind Hubs unchecked entered as a Known Hub
  1. Email Ryan Sleeth rsleeth@gsu.edu and your PI or lab manager letting them know you’ve set up AnywhereUSB Manager. Include your computer name from step 5 in the email. That specific computer name and campus ID will then be given access and you should soon see two groups ANY-maze #1 and ANY-maze #2 appear in AnywhereUSB
  2. When your Animal Suites reservation begins expand the corresponding AnywhereUSB ANY-maze group and double-click “USB-Chip” to check out the USB then launch ANY-maze. In ANY-maze click Support in the top-left > About ANY-maze > Licence [sic] information and “Dongle information” should not say No dongle present
  3. When finished with your session first close ANY-maze! Then…
  4. …Double-click “ANY-maze #1” or “ANY-maze #2” to return the ANY-maze USB. Note! Just double-clicking “USB-Chip” IS NOT sufficient to return the ANY-maze USB. You MUST double-click “ANY-maze #1” or “ANY-maze #2” so that no more (In use by you) notices appear!