Undergrad Ubuntu Remote Desktop

1) If you are off-campus first connect to the GSU VPN by using the Start Menu application Cisco AnyConnect. Connect to ‘secureaccess.gsu.edu’
2) On your desktop or Start Menu click the Ubuntu shortcut
3) If you are prompted ‘The publisher of this remote connection can’t be identified’ click Connect
4) On the xrdp/Xorg login screen enter your user name as GSUAD\campusID and use your campus ID password (email password) to log in. For example I would use GSUAD\rsleeth and my campus ID password
5) You should soon be on your Ubuntu desktop
6) When you are finished with Ubuntu click the power icon in the top-right of the Ubuntu desktop and select Power Off/Log Out then choose Log Out


  • To transfer files between your local Windows computer and the remote Ubuntu desktop open the Files icon on the left dock within Ubuntu. Near the bottom of the left list click ‘thinclient_drives’ which will list your Windows’ computers drives. Note that you will only be able to read/write and save files to your user profile directory in Windows. For example I can only save work to C:\Users\rsleeth.